Why does every successful company need a logo?

To the untrained eye a logo is just a pretty picture, however this pretty picture seems to remind you of something and yet it’s this something that helps you remember the company. Imagery plays a huge roll in how you’re company is represented in your logo. Just like a lion represents strength and royalty and the a dove resembles humility and peace your logo can also tell a lot about you.

We asses your company, services, products and from there design a logo tailor made to suit your company. Every company is unique thus your logo should be too.

What if I don’t like my drafts?

You will be presented with more than one draft and, with our expert guidance, refine and improve these drafts till you are satisfied.



What does a professional logo look like?

See below a gallery of some of our completed projects. Each and every logo has been refined and redesigned to to reach it’s peak efficiency. This sort of quality will only be found with us.

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